Your Professional Image

Most companies in South Africa Have moved away from a prescriptive dress code. Some even give “casual” as their norm. But “business casual” and casual are very different. And the power of image is immeasurable. This course teaches delegates to adopt a dress code that projects professionalism and their company’s corporate identity. 

Course Outline 

  • You as an ambassador for your company
  • The power of image: how to project professionalism and your company’s image
  • YOU (PTY) Ltd
  • What constitutes “appropriate” dress?
  • Style, colour, fit and fabric: dressing to make the most of your unique body type
  • Planning a corporate wardrobe that is professional yet affordable
  • Personal grooming: hair; make-up; hands and feet
  • DOs and DON’Ts of dressing for work


On completion of this short course the delegate will be aware of the importance of grooming in order to project personal and professional credibility; how to create a capsule wardrobe; appropriate and inappropriate dress; dressing for success on a budget.

As memorable learning is experiential, this is a highly participative workshop.