Report Writing Skills

People who master the competencies of this programme will be able to construct and write clear, concise and accurate business reports, complying with and meeting company standards and layout formats. 

As writing styles and rules are constantly changing, we will also update delegates on the latest standards.

Course Outline

  • Update: writing style and grammar
  • Word power
  • Report writing
    • Different types of reports: Information, Research and Field
    • Structuring a report
    • Contents
    • Layout
    • Understanding the implications of a poorly-written report
    • Ensuring clarity and correctness at all times
    • Focussing on the objective of the report
    • Adapting the style of the communication to the reader’s needs

This is a highly practical course and each theoretical concept will be followed by a practical exercise to be completed by each delegate as we believe that effective, memorable learning is experiential.