Project Management

Project Leadership is an essential management skill. The traditional management structures and functional hierarchies upon which organizations were founded are being seen as less and less suitable for the fast-moving organizations of today. As organizations become more complex, project management, with its goal-centered framework and attention to detail, its mechanisms for monitoring and its focus on outcomes, offers an appealing and logical framework to enable organizations to function efficiently.

Why Projects Fail:

  • Insufficient understanding of client expectations
  • Poor leadership and teamwork
  • Poor planning and organisation
  • Lack of accountability and poor control mechanisms
  • Inadequate information
  • Poor communication
  • Incomplete or ambiguous specification

The role of the Project Leader: The key objective of the project leader is to ensure that the outcomes of the project meet the expectations of the client and are delivered on time and within cost.

Course Content:

  1. Fundamentals of project management
  2. Scope
    • Management
    • Planning
    • Definition and verification
    • Work breakdown structure
    • Scope change control
  3. Activities and dependencies
    • Project activities
    • Activity analysis
    • Activity estimation
    • Dependencies
  4. Project scheduling
    • Schedule development
  5. Financial issues
    • Fundamentals of cost estimating
    • Organisational financial systems
  6. Project performance
    • Measuring project performance
    • Reporting project performance