Personal Time Management: Manage Your Time Like A Pro

You want better results faster and you want to stop the last minute madness.  You may even think that your tendency to procrastinate is something you just have to live with. Wrong! Personal time management is something which many people just like you struggle with and it is a skill which can be taught and learned. All that is needed in order to make the switch is for you to have a deep desire to change and then for you to begin to use the tools which I am about to give you. The personal time management tools will help you to organize your time like a pro.


If there is one thought which is repeated in the minds of all procrastinators world wide and maybe on other planets too it is the thought, ‘I will get to that later’. Sound familiar? If you can replace this one thought with ‘ Let me get this done now’, and follow that thought with an action you would no longer be a procrastinator. It sounds simple enough but you may need more help then that.


Personal time management tools


  • Journals


A journal will help you to get focused by writing your goals and priorities in one place. Each evening write down your goals and priorities for the next day. Get a realistic understanding of how much time each task will take.


  • To do lists


Once you have written your goals and priorities for the day make a to do list of the top 3 priorities to get done within a particular time frame. It is best to do this on a sticky note so that you can then stick this somewhere in plain view, for example on your pc monitor.


  • Alarms


Make use of your telephone alarm to alert you as to when you should finish a task. Often we do not realise how much time gets wasted with distractions. Setting alarms gives us a time indication as to how well we are doing with our focus and with completing a task within the time frame we have given ourselves.