Mentoring and Coaching

Many organisations are turning to mentoring and coaching as the most effective way to make the best of their most important asset: their people. This course focuses on the practicalities of achieving success through the development of mentoring and coaching relationships. 

Module 1:      The benefits of Coaching and Mentoring 

  • Why coaching and mentoring are important skills to master

Module 2:      Managerial Coaching

  • What is “managerial coaching”?
  • When is coaching appropriate?
  • Why coach?
  • Barriers and obstacles – real and perceived
  • Some mistakes to avoid when implementing coaching
  • A route map of the coaching territory
  • Core coaching skills
  • Coaching styles

Module 3:      Mentoring

  • The mentoring relationship
  • What’s in it for you?
  • Mentoring – A two-way process
  • A systematic approach
  • Mentoring competencies
  • Developing mentees
  • Influencing
  • Four essentials of good mentoring practice
  • Building trust
  • Advice for new mentors
  • Thinking through the first meeting
  • Setting up a mentoring programme