Managing Meetings

The success of any meeting depends on the skill of the person who chairs the meeting.

Meetings are often viewed as one of the evils of business life. However, meetings are essential. They allow us to share information and solve problems collectively. We all now spend more time than ever in meetings of one form or another, so it is essential that they are efficient and properly run. If not, a great deal of time can be wasted.

Your ability to run a successful meeting is not something that will simply improve the more times you do it. It is a definite skill which has certain techniques associated with it. The good news is that it is a skill you can learn.

Course Content 

  • Understanding the running order of formal meetings
  • Some creative ideas for less formal meetings
  • Determining who needs to be included
  • Setting time limits
  • Constructing an effective agenda
  • Placing of agenda items for best results
  • Introducing the meeting in a way that enhances productivity and participation
  • Handling conflict
  • Dealing with non-participative/over-participative attendees
  • Dealing with different personality styles