There will likely come a point in your life when you need to give a presentation of some description. It is most likely going to happen during your working career. You may need to present an idea to your board or to present a project to your team. Whatever the situation, you need to be able to give a professional presentation.

The first thing to remember is that you need to set up your presentation material in a professional manner. Your material is your visual stimulus and it needs to meet certain criteria. It must be eye catching without being distracting. Material for a professional presentation should give key points, not the entire presentation. You should use neat and easy to read fonts. Do not fall into the trap of trying to make the presentation material interesting by using strange fonts. It often ends up looking unprofessional. When you are reviewing the material for your presentation, look at it objectively. What would you think if you went to see a presentation and were confronted with what you have put together?


If you are giving a professional presentation, you need to look the part. How you dress makes an impression on the people in the room. If you arrive dressed in a t-shirt and shorts, you are far less likely to be taken seriously, even if this is how you dress on a day to day basis in the office. Make sure that you are dressed neatly and professionally. A suit is a good idea. If you want to make it a little more informal, forgo the tie.


Then there is your speech. Know it by heart. Nothing looks worse than a person trying to give a professional presentation but needing to look at their own slides or notes to keep track of what they are saying. You should be able to deal with questions and interruptions without losing track of what you were saying.


It is not easy to give a professional presentation the first time you try it. It does tend to get easier as you do it more often though. So keep trying!