Effective Credit Control

Effective credit control is of the greatest importance to any business. This course aims to equip existing Credit Controllers to be empowered to attain maximum results in the process of Credit Control.

Course Outline

  • What is credit control?
  • Advantages and disadvantages of credit trade
  • Forms of credit
  • Factors which influence credit conditions
  • Credit collection
  • Understanding the financial effect of credit control
  • Credit control and the cash-flow cycle
  • The right attitude towards credit control
  • A credit-control policy
  • Credit control management – everyday credit control
  • The effect of debtors reconciliations
  • Legal collections and liquidations
  • Providing informative reporting to management
  • Limiting the credit risk to the company
  • Enhancing good customer service
  • Small business credit control
  • Creating a credit control “dashboard”

As memorable learning tends to be experiential, practical exercises will follow each theoretical concept.