Dealing with Change

(for staff affected by change)

Organisational change can take place in a variety of ways. 

It may come about as a result of changes in the goals of the organisation, in its technology or in its structure. 

Radical change can be an unpleasant experience for those concerned, undermining their need for security and identity. 

What is needed to make the transformation less traumatic for all involved is to encourage open communication and effective planning during the change process. 

Celebrating and initiating change is about taking control and associating change with gain rather than with inevitable loss. 

Dealing with Change will help delegates come to terms with change and make change work in their favour.


  • Understanding the importance of change
  • Understanding the reasons why you are likely to experience resistance to change and a sense of loss
  • Emotions that you are likely to experience when faced with change
  • The 5 stages of your reaction to change
  • How to deal with stress and support yourself, and others, in periods of change
  • How to keep motivation high