A workplace with careless, dismissive or rude employees is a workplace that is ripe for litigation, unpleasant and unproductive. Customers can find it insulting if this kind of behavior internally spills over to them, and they can easily replace your services with someone else. That is why business etiquette training is essential for each and every employee, because employees all at levels can help promote the business.


By undergoing training in good business etiquette, employees can learn the following:


1. Everyone Has A Role

In company, no one should be dismissive of anyone, because everyone from the mail clerk to the CEO can affect every other person. Training in good business etiquette teaches that the jobs of all employees are interconnected and every employee has information that can prove to be relevant at some point.


2. Make Meetings Useful

Whenever it is necessary to have a meeting, it is good business etiquette to be mindful of the schedules of all attendees. For those attending the meeting, it is good business etiquette to be prepared with any information or materials needed for the meeting topic. Attendees should be thanked for their contributions and a written record of everything discussed, along with action items, should be sent out. Good business etiquette training teaches that a meeting is only necessary when it requires an action to be taken place.


3. Prompt Communication

By getting trained in good business etiquette, employees in a company can learn the important of responding to any email or phone call that is received in a timely manner. It is good business etiquette to let the sender know that the subject is being looked into and the sender is sure to appreciate it.


4. Respect Others’ Time

Whenever interrupting someone is utterly necessary, it should be done as unobtrusively as possible. Being polite and quickly getting to the point is a part of good business etiquette, so that the person may return to the work in progress. Meetings should never be interrupted.


5. Timeliness

Under most circumstances, time is a factor in practically everything that is business related, therefore being timely is part of good business etiquette too. This shows that whatever it has been decided must be discussed is worthy of attention and there is nothing more pressing than it.


Although good business etiquette is not entirely about undergoing training, even the simplest manners you learned as a child can be applied in the world of business. However, employees can improve their chances of progressing within a company by undergoing business etiquette training and impressing their higher-ups with their good business etiquette.