Bridging the Generation Gap

A challenge facing many companies today is how to overcome the generation gap in the workplace and managing generational differences that are a natural part of the cross-generational workforce.  In this seminar, participants learn interpersonal skills to overcome generational differences that can create miscommunication and conflict within the cross-generational team and the entire workplace. 

Course Overview

  • Defining the workplace generations:
    • Traditionalists – (Silent Generation)
    • Baby Boomers
    • Generation Xers
    • Generation Y or Nexters
  • Understand how different generations define:
    • respect
    • feeling valued
    • motivation
    • work values
  • How to understand what people really mean when people of different generations make comments that upset you
  • How to find out what was meant by the comment and what was their intent – you may be surprised by the answer
  • Gain mutual understanding about the goals of your manager and the company
  • Communicate so everyone sees value in their contribution
  • Turn “Why am I not getting what I want?” to “How can I further support my company, while advancing my career?”
  • How to create synergy between individual career goals and company/department mission
  • Verbal, Written, and Electronic communication and the impact on the generation gap
  • How to be aware of generational differences and anticipate miscommunication
  • Learn techniques to effectively deal with conflict among different generations
  • How to tailor your message for maximum effect — keeping in mind generational differences
  • Birth year alone doesn’t necessarily dictate generational outlook
  • How to effectively coach, manage, and work within inter-generational teams to maximize performance
  • Learn strategies for recruiting, retaining, and motivating employees to promote winning behaviours