About Us

EC Training Consultants is a leader in Communications skills training

We believe that memorable learning is experiential: we learn by doing. Our soft skills courses are therefore highly interactive.

Due to information overload, adults only absorb information that is directly relevant to their present work/life situations. Our strength lies in the fact that each course we offer is customised to suit the client’s exact needs while meeting SETA requirements.

We have offices in Gauteng (Sandton, Johannesburg) and Cape Town.

EC Training Consultants’ focus is on Communications training, including Business Presentation Skills, Customer Service Excellence, Time Management, Conflict Management, Leadership Skills and Management training. We also offer exciting role play using professional actors. 

What makes us Different?

  • We are fully involved in the process from start to finish.
  • We customize training material to suit exact needs: by becoming thoroughly familiar with the running of your organization prior to developing material and by talking to relevant managers/staff to pinpoint areas requiring focus.
  • We believe in making the effectiveness of soft-skills training measurable in order to prove RoI. For this reason we conduct a Baseline and an Impact analysis.
  • In terms of adult learning, we believe that adults only retain information that is immediately applicable to their work. Relevant examples enhance transfer from conference room to workplace.
  • Each theoretical concept is followed by a practical exercise to add variety and fun.
  • Delegates are given regular, short follow-up exercises to complete for 3 months after training to enhance retention.