Role Play

Role Play is an exciting and memorable way of training your staff.

Role play is an exciting and memorable way of training your staff. It is becoming an inceasingly popular medium in South Africa.

One of the most effective and cutting-edge training methods is Roleplay.

Using professional actors (whom your staff are likely to recognise from our local television), interactive training is both entertaining and hard-hitting. Delegates may choose to join in the action, watch a set performance, or watch the performance and “direct” the actors during the scenario.

Option 1: to watch actors perform roleplays based on situations that you are currently experiencing. The situations will be pre-determined and the actors will use a basic script to improvise around a theme. Discussion will follow.

Option 2: to participate with the actors –known as Forum Theatre. Here if delegates don’t think the actors are handling the situation in the correct way, they may ask actors to stop and redo part of the action under their direction. They may also apply Mind Tap, where they ask one actor what he/she felt when the other actor said/did something. They may even want to take over from one of the actors and do it their way!

Option 3: Using actors, and even some of your staff in smaller roles, we will film customized scenarios for you to use in training sessions.

We are a Johannesburg, Gauteng-based company but have run role plays as far afield as Kigali,Rwanda and Maryland, USA.